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Thank you for visiting The Higher Note, On A Higher Note’s blog for audiophiles and music lovers looking for information and fellowship to fuel your unyielding pursuit of high-fidelity music reproduction in the comfort of your home!

If you’re passionate about tone, timbre, pitch, and the blending of complex harmonic structures and instrumental textures that forms the whole; if you care about every nuance in the sounds produced by the instrumentalist or vocalist, along with natural (un-hyped) rhythmic drive; if you are passionate about the emotional response produced by music, then, you will enjoy this blog.

Of the five senses, sound has the unmistakable ability to incite an immediate emotional response. To us, man’s ultimate and universal perfection of sound is music, which has the ability to raise your spirits or bring tears to your eyes. It does not matter what kind of music you are listening to, just as long as its your favourite. The quality of your experience, however, is relatively moldable by the type of audio components you use, dictating if and how you can be transported to an alternate reality, an alternate place.

On A Higher Note imports a select line of synergistic sounding products from all around the world. Our selection process is strenuous as we strive to be the Distributor of Excellence, bringing to the marketplace the best of class components only from manufacturers that are able to deliver reliable products in a timely manner. We only import products that we are excited about.

Here’s what excitement means to us: two responsible adults cannot help it but cut their sleeping time short as they return to old musical treasures with their new audio equipment. They simply cannot retire to bed as they stay up for just one more CD or LP…

Those who have auditioned products with us know exactly what we are talking about here. Care to chime in? Engage in a conversation with fellow music lovers and audiophiles and share your experience in your musical adventures.