David Robinson at PFO and I had the same first stereo system! Tell us about yours!


David Robinson and I connected after show hours at RMAF 2014 one evening and the topic of our “first stereo system” came up.  Turned out, at the risk of dating ourselves, both of us as teenagers had bought the Sony TC630 tape recorder as our first system.  That recorder had a pair of detachable speakers in front and included an amplifier and a phono section. Continue reading

Music evening with Steve Williams: Him “smittened” by 2 things I love, and my offer to help you access your hi-fidelity music collection anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

Philip O'Hanlon and Steve Williams of WhatsBestForum at a subsequent music evening at On A Higher Note's listening room

Philip O’Hanlon and Steve Williams of WhatsBestForum at a subsequent music evening at On A Higher Note’s Great Room

Since 1998, I have been searching for a DAC, a way to rip my collection and to catalog/store/access it in a manner that meets my criteria.  High end audio is a means to an end – my ultimate enjoyment of music.  Having the notes touch my heart and soul is what I live for.  Much like most others, I enjoy a wide variety of music from all ends of the world, unrestricted by format and form (as long as they are well recorded).  The crackling sounds of LPs don’t bother me if they reflect the times.  To add the ability to enjoy music critically with the convenience and ease of use from digital files without sacrificing sonic quality has been a long journey but I think I have achieved it.

There were two things that stopped me before and we are offering a solution as our Luxman holiday promotion FOR FREE so please read on… Continue reading

Vivid Audio GIYA loudspeaker family (G1, G2, G3, G4), the silent revolution – unofficial updates spelled out


Laurence Dickie with Vivid Audio GIYA G1, G2, G3, G4

Vivid Audio loudspeakers are designed for music lovers, audiophiles and homeowners that are “in the know”   (#LoudspeakersInTheKnow) as every intricate detail in form is driven by its derived function, with museum quality aesthetics in mind.  Vivid Audio is a continuous silent revolution.  While many know about the original innovation, dating back to the B&W Nautilus, the innovations embedded in the Vivid Audio GIYA family are generations passed Laurence Dickie’s original invention.  Vivid Audio flagship GIYA G1s have unofficially been updated and this writing is my attempt to summarize noteworthy improvements to-date, announcing (unofficially) that the second generation G1’s (and G2’s) are shipping now. Continue reading

To be or not to be? Do we need a music server or are there easier and better options?

audirvana ask philip photoQ:  I own a Luxman L-590AX amplifier and it sounds terrific. I like it very much…. I am considering an upgrade (of my CD player) to the Luxman D-05… In the April issue of The Absolute Sound, Mark Waldrep, President of AIX Records states on page 160 that “delivering music on physical discs is over.” He believes the future is in digital downloads tailored to the individual listener. I experimented once … and did not like the way it sounded… Does Luxman, or any of the other brands you carry, have a music server product that supports a high quality digital download as noted by Mr. Waldrep? … I am very interested in hearing your comments and suggestions. – Howard G Continue reading