Vivid Audio celebrates 10th anniversary announcing OVAL B1 DECADE, the B1d (limited edition)

Limited edition OVAL B1 DECADE unseated K1 to claim flagship position in Vivid Audio's Oval Series Family

Limited edition OVAL B1 DECADE unseated K1 to claim flagship position in Vivid Audio’s Oval Series Family

Vivid Audio debut a new addition to its Oval Series Family, a limited edition revised OVAL B, the B1 DECADE.  At US$28,000, the Decade Edition Oval B1d loudspeakers assume the flagship position in the oval range due to its incredible performance and advanced construction.  Currently on display at the Munich High End Show, listeners have been amazed Continue reading

Luxman’s new EQ-500 phonostage North American debut at THE Show Newport May 29-31, 2015

LUXMAN EQ500_PD171Pg12001 was the last time Luxman released a top of the line phono stage, the E-1 (solid state).  When they discontinued the E-1 recently, the buzz was on as to what they are replacing it with. Continue reading

Audiodrom’s review of Luxman C-700u & M-700u combo offered unusual advice to avoid ‘sleepless nights’

Luxman_C700u_M700u_20150402_Blog_Audiodrom“… the guitars (are) so present in my listening room – The sound was so precise and pristine … The details of fingers or guitar picks were absolutely stunning.”

“During the review I had Accuphase’s E-600 integrated for comparison… the Luxman’s combo rewarded me with more accurate soundstage, bigger slam, sharper transients and more air, the music was illuminated better.  At the end I preferred the Luxmans.” 
“Similarly, the progress that the new ‘M’ line of Luxman have made is apparent even within its own catalogue. As much as I liked the sound of the Luxman L-550Ax integrated I have to admit that the amplifier separates are in a totally different league. The direct comparison shows superiority of the C-700u and M-700u: the soundstage explodes laterally and in depth, microdynamics are supercharged and artists regain their passion. If you are a Luxman devotee plus budget short you should consider not to audition the newcomers otherwise you risk sleepless nights.” <Full Review>

100% Reference Award and a marriage proposal for Luxman’s M-900u/C-900u from Audiodrom


” … I can imagine to spend the rest of my life with (Luxman M-900u / C-900u) …”

“The bass of the M-900u is deep enough for any recording and it has enough weight not to cause proportional misbalance in frequency spectrum. It digs deep to the basement yet the sound does not stay confined underground and swiftly gets back to daylight if music calls for it.”

“My summary could be pretty straightforward: the anniversary Luxman M-900u / C-900u combo is a fantastic piece of audio that signifies a new era for the company. I can say aloud that both amps are first affordable amps, however relative is this term … Actually, I am considering to replace my all Accuphase set up with them. Cannot be more enthusiastic.” <full review>

Mola-Mola Makua Preamplifier DAC “is designed from the ground up by Bruno using no off-the-shelf DAC chips”

Mola-Mola Makua's internal DAC. PC - AudioStream

Mola-Mola Makua’s internal DAC. PC – AudioStream

“I mention all of this because not only was the On A Higher Note room one of my favorites of CES 2015, Philip O’Hanlon had an interesting A/B comparison in store for us, as usual…” <more>

CES 2015 video from with Bruno Putzeys & Philip O’Hanlon

Philip O’Hanlon & Mola-Mola’s co-founder & designer Bruno Putzeys tag team in presenting the On a Higher Note room at CES 2015 with all the exciting gear, news & music for the two systems.

Tune in to hear Bruno talk about Mola-Mola’s revolutionary Makua preamplifier ($13,450) with optional phono stage, DAC, PCM & DSD tone controls…

A $10,000 tube preamp for $4,200? Must read!

“Never been so fooled by a product!”

“This feels like a $10,000 preamp but it retails for $4,200!”

– Hugh Fountain III, Acoustic Consultant at Music Lovers in Berkeley and San Francisco, CA

The U.S. and Canada version (115v) of Luxman CL-38u vacuum tube preamplifier is being shown at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this weekend the first time.  This vacuum tube preamplifier is the latest addition in our Classic Series with phono stage and tone control on board with remote control.  Compared to its 3-box solution predecessor (CL-88, EQ-88 and MT-88) at $9,000, no wonder dealers across the country are excited about it.

"Never been so fooled by a product!", Hugh Fountain III, Acoustic Consultant at Berkeley, CA

“Never been so fooled by a product!”, Hugh Fountain III, Acoustic Consultant at Berkeley, CA

New Product Release at RMAF: Luxman CL-38u Tube Preamplifier with on board phono stage

CL-38u Tube Preamplifier with onboard phono stage, tone control and remote control is Luxman’s latest addition to its Classic Series, now retails for $4,200 in N. America. On A Higher Note, its exclusive distributor for U.S. and Canada is showing it for the first time at the Rocky Mountain Music Fest Oct 10 – 12 in Denver.  Here to see detail description of the product.

Compared to its predecessor solution, a 3-box separates  (CL-88u control amp, EQ-88 tube MM phono stage and MT-88 Phono MC Step up Transformer) that carried a $9,000 price tag, the CL-38u is the perfect vacuum tube control center for the listener who appreciates tonal color and wants to derive the maximum pleasure from his music playback system with a kind price tag. Continue reading

Bruno Putsey’s Optional Built-in Phonostage for the Makua Preamp is in!

Mola Mola 3 boxes

Phonostage is in! Adds convenience, musicality and control right at your listening chair

Bruno Putzey’s Mola-Mola hits another milestone!

The optional phonostage built-in add-on to the Makua Preamp is now shipping.

While the delivery of Mola-Mola’s phonostage essentially allows you to make adjustments through digital signals via an Android Tablet at your listening chair, these adjustments are implemented using relays, keeping the fragile phono signal in the analog domain, preserving the soul, warmth and musicality of your music.

If you have a bright record, you can tame it by adjusting the EQ and you will be able to hear what those adjustments sound like immediately. Continue reading

The stereo amplifier that meets the requirements of the space conscious audiophile – Luxman M-200


I was first exposed to the remarkable Luxman M-200 during CES 2013, where we used a Macbook’s USB output to connect to a Luxman DA-200 and have it feed the M-200, while driving the unique Eclipse TD 508 mk III desktop speakers.

Stephen Mejias (Stereophile) was full of praise: “We listened to “The Boy In The Bubble” from Peter Gabriel’s Scratch My Back, and the sound was sumptuous—warm, detailed, spacious, altogether involving, and intensely emotional. I could have stayed and listened for hours.” At Mike Lavorgna’s blog post (AudioStream), he had further praise about the component: “headphone-like immediacy, presence, and space… sounded like the singer was whispering in my ear!” Continue reading

Mola Mola Debut at CES 2013 – Mirage D36 today through Friday

We have Mola Mola on active display over at the Mirage penthouse #D36 during CES driving Vivid G3 Giyas. They are also on passive display at the Venetian in 30-216.  You really need to stop by to hear these revolutionary new products.

Class D has never been this good. Come to think of it, neither has class A. Continue reading

Luxman L-590Ax

“It was as if the L-590AX could render also the cigarette smoke, heavy curtains and a worn out carpet, fingers dancing on the strings and the ice, slowly melting in the last glass of whiskey…”
“I auditioned many amplifiers that declared the truth and very often I got sick of the truth after a while. I auditioned amplifiers that were neutral but their neutrality was uninspiring and uninvolving. I also auditioned amplifiers that were so kind to sound to the extent that anything that passed through them was altered to euphonic infidelity. The L-590AX is truthful enough not to miss the tiniest detail, timbral accuracy, harmonic richness, powerful dynamics and transient speed. At the same time it is sophisticated enough to enchant you and invite you to share the deepest spirit of the music. With the L-590AX you would rather move your dining table to your listening room than miss a single second of the performance.” Continue reading

Luxman’s SQ-N10

Luxman’s wonderful NeoClassico amplifier – winner of 6 Moons “Blue Moon ” award.  here is the review.

We have also attached the review from HiFi News (UK), another glowing testimonial.

Luxman have recently sent NeoClassico production to their parent company’s (IAG) factory in Shenzen and consequently the retail price in US $ has fallen considerably. The original SQ-N100 was $3,000, while the new SQ-N10 (same performance, almost identical but now has an extra input for the D-100r iPod (iPhone etc) dock (retail $500) with a built-in DAC – its a terrific sounding device.  $2,400 including the $500 dock or $2,000 without the dock.  The matching CD player, D-N10 is now $1500.

Vivid’s G3 GIYA

Many audiophiles and music lovers approached us during the NY Audio Show as to where they could hear the diminutive G3 Giyas (just 3’9″ tall).

These speakers punch way outside their class. Truly, they have to be heard to be believed. Just as the G1 & G2 have won many awards across the world, no doubt the G3 will continue Vivid’s ascent. The Giyas are probably the most innovative & original speaker design so far in this century.