Box of Fun


Back in 2006 a dealer suggested that I put together a compilation with songs featuring really well recorded bass. Based on that premise, I set about assembling some terrific music that just so happened to also have deep, deep bass. As usual I chose the music first & foremost based on its musical qualities; the album must stand on its own feet as something worth listening to. So while there are quite a lot of non-audiophile recordings on this album, it’s full of great music & some sonic surprises added for good measure.


Bruno Coulais’ Norbu from the Himalaya OST; very dramatic build up to a wonderful bass explosion.
Boyz II Men Yesterday – absolutely remarkable cover of the Beatles classic.
Kathryn Williams’ Little Black Numbers is superbly well recorded. Beautiful vocal, an artist that sadly seems neglected by music lovers.
Mino Cinelu’s Soon I Will Be Home is a first class demo tune; wonderfully defined, articulate bass, wrapped in a tune you will love over & over.

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Love Potion Playlist

This is a wonderful compilation that I am delighted to be able to share with my friends. When I originally tried to assemble this on Tidal, many of the songs were unavailable so I put it aside. It’s now complete. Originally compiled in 2009, this album cost me a small fortune in time & $$, as I polled on all the forums and asked people’s advice as to what music they use to make out. I ended up buying about forty odd CDs and pulled the best 80 minutes that played nicely together. I hope you & your significant other enjoy this album. Music is for sharing.

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Transcendence Playlist

A wonderful compilation from 2006; while the music might be considered a little eclectic, I came across many of these tunes while living near the Goldfields in W. Australia in 1991. Tuned in to the BBC World service at night, where I sated my lust for interesting music. The commercially programmed radio stations in Australia were stuck in a time warp, still playing The Doors, Led Zeppelin… as if time stood still. All the tracks here have wonderful sonics and will stand the test of time with repeated listening. Here is a wonderful example of the armchair traveler, The album opens with a gorgeous piano adaptation of the Door’s “Birds Of Prey” played by George Winston, who turns it into a New Age melody. Regrettably neither Jim Morrison’s American Prayer nor KLF’s Chill Out are available on Tidal (yet), both albums I listened to extensively in 1991. Continue reading

Hi-Fi Harmony 2015 Music Seminar with Luxman in New Hampshire

Lux Gear

A glimpse of some attendees in front of the Luxman stacks

Hi-Fi Harmony 2015 was a great success. John Rein, owner of Audio Video Therapy & the host of the show, was very charismatic and effusive and a pleasure to be with. Attendance was roughly around 100 people.  Not only was it very well attended, the attendees felt the novelty of being able to listen to Luxman in New Hampshire!  Little did I know there are lots of Luxman enthusiasts in N.H. Continue reading

Montreal’s SSI 2015 Show Report


Montreal Show _2015_ Philip and FriendsOnce again, congrats to Coup de Foudre Montreal for putting on a great show at the SSI 2015. Thanks again for the hospitality and warm welcome. Proud to announce that Doug Schneider of SoundStage! Network awarded our room with the “Best of Salon Son & Image 2015” Award!

Behind the Scenes: While we had a great size room at the Bonaventure Hotel, unfortunately Continue reading

Montreal’s Salon Son & Image 2015 Playlist

Montreal’s Salon Son & Image 2015 Playlist
Artist Track Album
London Grammar Hey Now If You Wait
Cannonball Adderley Autumn Leaves Something Else
Frank Sinatra Blues In the Night Sings For Only The Lonely (Mobile Fidelity)
Count Basie & Tony Bennett Jeepers Creepers Count Basie & Tony Bennett
George Michael Faith & Father Figure Faith
John Coltrane Lush Life Lush Life
Rachel Podger Chacone Pearla Baroca (Channel Classics) – DSD
Florestan Trio Debussy Piano Trio French Piano Trios (Hyperion) – DSD
Helene Grimaud Beethoven Corale Fantasy – finale Credo – DSD
Akiko Suwanai Saint-Saens Violin Concerto DSD
Tower of Power Diggin On James Brown Philip’s Demo XVII – 16/44.1
Bruce Springsteen Mansion On The Hill Philip’s Demo XVII – 16/44.1
Emmylou Harris & Willie Nelson One Paper Kid Philip’s Demo XVII – 16/44.1
Nina Simone I Loves You Porgy Philip’s Demo XVII – 16/44.1
Duke Ellington Malletoba Spank Jazz Party in Stereo – DSD

Montreal’s Salon Son & Image 2015 pre-show rundown, music in my suitcase!

Baniere_SSI_2015album_box“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

Off to Montreal we go! My affinity towards both Montreal, the city and their French Canadian residents is well-known. As a token of appreciation to the hospitality I receive, I made it a point to be on the look out for delightful French music during my travels throughout the year to play in Montreal.

In addition to some brilliant needle drops that I will be playing with the Luxman DA-06 DSD DAC, I brought seven albums I collected last summer to spin this weekend with five French ones. If you are in town, please hop over to say hi. If not, have a listen to them. Hopefully you can find them at #Tidal  Continue reading

CES 2015 Show Report

Internatices-banneronal CES 2015, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

January 6 – 9, 2015

2015_CES_Collage 5 photos_no wordsCES 2015 was once again a terrific success!

Our gratitude: A big thanks to my good friends: Bruno Putzeys of Mola-Mola, for bringing his remarkable prototype DAC, Laurence Dickie and Philip Guttentag of Vivid Audio for their unfailing support, and Caelin Gabriel of Shunyata Research for going the extra yard to help us achieve absolutely first class sound with the best of the best amongst his staple of cables at the Venetian Hotel. Special thanks to Jayson Lloyd of Audio Elegance for helping with the set up of our rooms and Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith who lent us his absolutely superb Hyperion flagship moving-iron phono cartridge for our Luxman PD-171 turntable. This Soundsmith / Luxman combo produced some excellent sound which smoked the digital files in our listening rooms, in case you were wondering! Last, but certainly not least, a big thanks to Steve Rochlin of who streamed a live broadcast for us at the show. Continue reading

Philip’s Demo XVII is finally finished! Painstaking dilemma of “what do we cut and what do we keep?”

Philip's Demo XVIIOff to Vegas and Demo XVII is finally finished!

It was a true labor of love or depending on which day you caught me, I may refer to it as painstaking precision.  All told, I think we spent more time putting this compilation together than any other compilations in my over four decades of history in assembling compilations.

I thought it would be a walk in the park when we started assembling this Demo CD in the middle of November as we had accumulated a full CD’s worth of terrific sounding music, but boy was I wrong….. Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014 show report, back stories to remember the show by…

RMAF_logo_new Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Denver, Colorado

October 10 – 12, 2014 _1020431 I have done shows and seminars for many years, learned from the best and partnered with many great individuals.  This year’s RMAF was truly a triumph of wills.  Before I share some back stories, many thanks are in order. Continue reading