Box of Fun


Back in 2006 a dealer suggested that I put together a compilation with songs featuring really well recorded bass. Based on that premise, I set about assembling some terrific music that just so happened to also have deep, deep bass. As usual I chose the music first & foremost based on its musical qualities; the album must stand on its own feet as something worth listening to. So while there are quite a lot of non-audiophile recordings on this album, it’s full of great music & some sonic surprises added for good measure.


Bruno Coulais’ Norbu from the Himalaya OST; very dramatic build up to a wonderful bass explosion.
Boyz II Men Yesterday – absolutely remarkable cover of the Beatles classic.
Kathryn Williams’ Little Black Numbers is superbly well recorded. Beautiful vocal, an artist that sadly seems neglected by music lovers.
Mino Cinelu’s Soon I Will Be Home is a first class demo tune; wonderfully defined, articulate bass, wrapped in a tune you will love over & over.

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