Grammy-award winning producer Jeff Jones shares how he religiously uses the Eclipse TD-M1 speaker system to record natural dynamics

Jeff Jones, the Jedi Master uses Eclipse TD-M1 speaker system as his go to litmus test

Jeff Jones, the Jedi Master uses Eclipse TD-M1 speaker system as his go to litmus test

“Everything, absolutely everything in my final product has become more clear. My sensitivity to dynamic and transient aspects of music has gone up several notches.”

“I know for a fact that since hearing and working with the TD-M1 my skills became elevated to a new level. Every recording I’ve produced with the TD-M1 is sonically better because my view is unclouded.”

“I am an artist. The recordings I produce are considered high art. Now that I have the TD-M1 I have more precise tools to work with and my work shows it.” <more>

Read why Stereophile’s Art Dudley picks Eclipse TD-M1 as his go-to system for the music he wants to hear right away

EclipseBanner1_Black“…in every case, digital files streamed wirelessly to the Eclipse TD-M1 exhibited more momentum and flow, and were far more involving…”

“…listening to the Eclipse system reminded me of listening to headphones – but headphones that everyone could hear, that didn’t make me feel as if I were in an isolation tank”

“…music played through this desktop system always sounded rich, big and uncannily right… I had a great time with this system whenever I used it – and it was always easy.”  <Full Review>

Ed Selley of Hi-Fi Choice “waves the flag for single drivers” in an informative review of the Eclipse TD-M1 desktop system

HiFi Choice EdSelley Quote LONG

 “…’Time Domain’ principle…distinctive and seriously impressive… The TD-M1 represents an attempt to marry this technology with a degree of convenience that should broaden the appeal…”

“The shape is a function of the Time Domain principle, but the result is still a fabulous looking little speaker… somewhere between science fiction prop, organic growth and sculpture… looking anything other than truly excellent.”

“The whole purpose behind the Time Domain principle is to create a speaker better able to follow the variation and nuance of a piece of music and this means that the TD-M1 delivers a performance that is at times almost supernaturally fast. Almost everything else at the price sounds processed and compromised in comparison.”

“… a cut above any integrated AirPlay system… performance that are beyond anything else at a similar price point… a little piece of sculpture that happens to produce one of the loveliest nearfield presentations I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.” <Full Review>

Wired Magazine says Eclipse TD-M1 is “one of the best sounding small speaker systems heard this year”

141220 Wired magazine TD-M1 review

Wired Magazine said it was “One of the best-sounding small speaker systems we’ve heard this year…”

“Work best as PC speakers on a desk, or as main speakers in a small listening room.”

“The sound? Lively and sparkling. Place the speakers about ten feet apart, plant yourself in the sweet spot, and they will reproduce live and studio recordings with impressive accuracy… acoustic guitar music, vocal jazz, jumps to life.”

“Bass frequencies are meaty and don’t sound the slightest bit artificial.”

What kind of music do you like?  What settings are you in when listening to music?  These speakers are so versatile that a high percentage of TD-M1 owners purchases a second one for themselves in another listening environment or gift that to their loved ones.

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Eclipse TD-M1 Android App released today!

Android App for TD-M1, world's truest sound for your desktop system, suitable for quiet listening and for a headphone experience without a headphone

Android App for TD-M1 desktop speaker system

The “ECLIPSE TD Remote for Android” application for the “TD-M1” home audio wireless speaker system is released on Google Play™ TODAY!.

Until now, only wireless music streaming via “AirPlay” has been available for the TD-M1, with remote control functionality supported via Continue reading