Stereophile’s John Marks did a shootout between Luxman’s new M-700u and M-600A power amps!

Stereophile June 2015 M-700u vs M-600A shootout

“The huge family resemblance of the M-700u to the M-600A overshadows their few sonic differences, which I had mostly to strain to hear. With Ella Fitzgerald’s performance of  “Easy To Love,” there was a trivially greater impression of the tape hiss before the music begins through the M-700u than through the M-600A. This gave the M-700u’s sound an ever-so-slightly “Modern” feel, as well as slightly more forwardness and spatial specificity.”

“..Furthermore, the M-700u’s 120WPC had no trouble getting what sounded like almost a full octave more bass extension out of the Wilson Benesch Square Ones than had the M-600A.”

The 30WPC M-600A could be the last amplifier for the right listener with the right speakers. But the 120WPC M-700u, which debuts costing 11% more ($9990) is more an amplifier for all seasons: very well done, highly recommended and in my opinion  a solid pick for Class A of “Recommended Components.”

John Marks, Stereophile, June 2015 (now in print at newsstands)