Björk’s heartfelt Vulnicura album is one to let seep into your soul

BjorkRejoice if you felt that Björk went off the deep end about ten years ago into pretty incomprehensible territory, here is an album to wrap your arms around, sink into your comfortable sofa, pour a fine Irish whiskey and let this sublime music seep into your soul.

Vulnicura’s cover shows Björk with a gaping chest wound; the latin words “vulnus” and “cura” respectively translate to “injury” and “healing”.  It is an expression of sadness, coming on the back of her break up with her husband, it immerses the listener in the devastation of heartbreak.  The sadness is not pitiful but heartfelt and the perfect vehicle for Björk to convey the emotion that sadly many of her recent albums have lacked.

Musically, it starts out with Continue reading