Vivid Audio celebrates 10th anniversary announcing OVAL B1 DECADE, the B1d (limited edition)

Limited edition OVAL B1 DECADE unseated K1 to claim flagship position in Vivid Audio's Oval Series Family

Limited edition OVAL B1 DECADE unseated K1 to claim flagship position in Vivid Audio’s Oval Series Family

Vivid Audio debut a new addition to its Oval Series Family, a limited edition revised OVAL B, the B1 DECADE.  At US$28,000, the Decade Edition Oval B1d loudspeakers assume the flagship position in the oval range due to its incredible performance and advanced construction.  Currently on display at the Munich High End Show, listeners have been amazed Continue reading

AXPONA 2015 Show Report

The Westin O’Hare | Chicago, IL

April 24 -26, 2015

CAT statement and JL5 driving Giya G3 at Axpona Saturday Night WBF

Vivid Audio GIYA G3, Luxman D-08u CD/SACD Player, & CAT monoblocks

A glimpse into Kyomi Audio’s room: A customer wanted to hear the big CAT Statement monoblocks compared to the little JL5 stereo amp we had played all day. The JL5 is a stereo amp with triode design using 4 x KT120 per channel, it puts out 25W Class A or 100W Class AB and retails for $13k. The Statements are monoblocks using 16 x KT120 per chassis, with a 200W triode design, Class A and retails for $100k a pair.

The big guys did not disappoint as the micro dynamics were put in the spotlight. The tonal color was more dramatic and the sound-stage became huge and spacious; it sucked the listeners in to the musical event.

It was a packed room of music lovers who were willing to delay dinner to indulge in a religious experience. Feet tapping and lots of comments exchanged over the music played at realistic club levels. It had all the vibes of a happening.

Refreshments (wine, beer & Georgian brandy to be specific) finished but the roomful of audience stuck around for more. What does this tell you about this experience with an exceptional stereo?  Continue reading

“HEARING IS BELIEVING” – Times Live on Vivid Audio

PC - Times Live

PC – Tebogo Letsie

“You do not know high fidelity until you have heard two speakers produce what sounds like a live performance.” <Full Article>

Montreal’s SSI 2015 Show Report


Montreal Show _2015_ Philip and FriendsOnce again, congrats to Coup de Foudre Montreal for putting on a great show at the SSI 2015. Thanks again for the hospitality and warm welcome. Proud to announce that Doug Schneider of SoundStage! Network awarded our room with the “Best of Salon Son & Image 2015” Award!

Behind the Scenes: While we had a great size room at the Bonaventure Hotel, unfortunately Continue reading

Thomas Schmidt of HiFi Magazine gave a rave review of Vivid Audio’s Giya G3

HiFi Magazine Thomas Schmidt Vivid G3

“The frequency response of Giya G3 is extremely wide – the controlled bass extends well into the 30-Hz region …”

“Always sounding convincing – with excellent productions and correct dynamics, we learn how well optimized, in all respects, this speaker really is.”

“Decades of experience, the unconditional desire for perfection and absolutely consistent implementation of all ideas makes the Giya G3 an absolute exceptional speaker.”

– Thomas Schmidt, HiFi Magazine <for full German review>

“The Wife Acceptance Factor”, my first high-end audio purchase decision and how I fell in love, by the wife of an audiophile


Special matte color finishes of the Vivid Giya and Oval series available upon request

Special matte color finishes of the Vivid Giya and Oval series available upon request. (photo credit: Timeframe Fotografie – Riksmuseum Matte Blue for G4 and Matte Monarch for V1.5)

I was on LinkedIn and saw a post in a group I belonged to, mentioning how over 50% of a line of speakers this gentleman retailed was purchased by women.  That piqued my interest. For years, I have been hearing rumblings in the high end audio industry that “we need to bring both the younger generation and the women into the hobby”.

I scrolled down but saw the conversation degenerate with someone, a male audiophile, explaining how WAF really meant “Tiffany for her and high-end audio purchases for him”. That struck a nerve but a different one than you are probably thinking.  Continue reading

CES 2015 Show Report

Internatices-banneronal CES 2015, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

January 6 – 9, 2015

2015_CES_Collage 5 photos_no wordsCES 2015 was once again a terrific success!

Our gratitude: A big thanks to my good friends: Bruno Putzeys of Mola-Mola, for bringing his remarkable prototype DAC, Laurence Dickie and Philip Guttentag of Vivid Audio for their unfailing support, and Caelin Gabriel of Shunyata Research for going the extra yard to help us achieve absolutely first class sound with the best of the best amongst his staple of cables at the Venetian Hotel. Special thanks to Jayson Lloyd of Audio Elegance for helping with the set up of our rooms and Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith who lent us his absolutely superb Hyperion flagship moving-iron phono cartridge for our Luxman PD-171 turntable. This Soundsmith / Luxman combo produced some excellent sound which smoked the digital files in our listening rooms, in case you were wondering! Last, but certainly not least, a big thanks to Steve Rochlin of who streamed a live broadcast for us at the show. Continue reading

“captivating comes to mind” – Paul Bolin, The Audio Beat

Mola-Mola Makua pre-amp driving the Vivid Giya G3's with Shunyata wiring

Mola-Mola Makua pre-amp driving the Vivid Giya G3’s with Shunyata wiring.

“Importer On a Higher Note, over which presides the genial Philip O’Hanlon, a man with impeccable and seemingly universal taste in music, had two rooms, the larger of which showed off the capabilities of a fine system featuring Luxman’s exceedingly cool, retro PD-171 turntable and integral tonearm ($6400) with a Soundsmith Hyperion moving-iron cartridge ($7500), the Mola-Mola Makua preamplifier ($13,400, optional internal phono stage adding $2,500, internal DAC’s price not determined) and Kaluga mono power amps ($18,000/pair, 400 watts each), Vivid Audio’s Giya G3 speakers ($40,000/pair) and Shunyata cabling and power conditioning/distribution. Digital was sourced from O’Hanlon’s laptop.

When I first stopped by, Philip was playing a marvelous version of Illinois Jacquet’s “Birthday Party Blues” from the Groove Note 45rpm LP. I listened casually for a couple of minutes and was slowly but surely drawn in to giving the music my full and undivided attention. This happened with everything I subsequently heard through this system. Nothing jumped out, but the basic rightness of music through it inevitably took the day. The word captivating comes to mind. Continue reading

“Vivid or Nothing”, new V1.5 owner and pro audio industry insider drawing the line on the sand!

Vivid V1.5 Pearl White

Vivid V1.5 Pearl White

“Whenever I listened to a set of speakers I tend to find the weak spot easily and I have not come across a speaker with no flaw, until now.

I am the proud owner of a set of the best speakers I have come across in my whole life. Vivid Audio V1.5 stand mounted two way speakers.

There is a seamless integration what the high frequencies are concerned. Both drivers are perfectly time aligned. Warm, detailed, articulate and controlled. I heard sounds on my recordings that I have never heard until now. If it’s on the recording you will hear it. These speakers are so capable that I will be more than happy with them for the rest of my life. They give me all I could ever ask of a live recording…and then some.

I am so thrilled with these speakers that I make time at any point of my day i.e. teatime, lunch break, loo break to pop in a track or two.

Vivid or NOTHING”

– Frank (reposted from

Joël Chevassus described Vivid GIYA G1’s as “formula one race cars compared to most civilian loudspeakers” as the G1 wins another award from 6moons!

Pearl White Vivid Giya G1's powered by Luxman M-800A monoblocks

Pearl White Vivid Giya G1’s powered by Luxman M-800A monoblocks

This article bSixMoons_Most holographic of full range speakers_2015_Vivid G1egins by explaining Joël’s passion for his Vivid Oval K1’s which paves the way into his informative review of the GIYA G1. He topped off the review with yet another award for the GIYA G1!

“…In my opinion that’s unique to the Vivid experience. It’s in fact the cause of my greatest addiction to this South African brand…”

“…Vivid Audio and Laurence Dickie are about anything but marketing chat. That’s important to highlight since many audiophiles stop short with Vivid’s audacious form factors. Truly each step in the design of their speakers was guided by function…”

“To my ears they represent the purity and perhaps essence of what I am looking for in the field of music reproduction: neutrality, clarity, transparency, liveliness and natural scale.”

“To me the G1 appears to be one of the very best speakers I could buy today. I will thus take action. These will not fly back to Durban…” <Full Review>

CES 2015 press coverage: “Tower Of Power via Vivid and Mola-Mola”

PC - Stereophile

Vivid Oval V1.5 matte Dutch Museum Blue & Luxman M-700A – PC – Stereophile

“Go hear Tower of Power,” said Jon Iverson, “on the 35th Floor of the Venetian. See Philip O’Hanlon and tell him I sent you.”

“What is the Tower of Power?” I asked.

“You’ll see when you get there,”he said.

“I found Philip O’Hanlon in the ‘On a Higher Note’ exhibit room…The sound was fast, detailed and rich in timbre. The preamplifier (Mola-Mola Makua) had a new internal DAC designed specifically for that unit by Bruno Putzeys…” <full article>

CES 2015 video from with Bruno Putzeys & Philip O’Hanlon

Philip O’Hanlon & Mola-Mola’s co-founder & designer Bruno Putzeys tag team in presenting the On a Higher Note room at CES 2015 with all the exciting gear, news & music for the two systems.

Tune in to hear Bruno talk about Mola-Mola’s revolutionary Makua preamplifier ($13,450) with optional phono stage, DAC, PCM & DSD tone controls…

Video of Doug Schneider, Founder and President of Soundstage! Network on Vivid Audio’s GIYA and Oval series

2014_Doug_Schneider_on_Vivid_AudioDoug has personally reviewed two models of Vivid Audio’s loudspeakers.  At a dealer event in Montreal, we grabbed him to tell us what he thinks about both the Giya and Oval series from Vivid Audio.  Watch the video!

Vivid’s GIYA G3 just won both the overall Product of the Year Award for 2014 from Stereophile as well as joint Loudspeaker Of The Year (along with the Wilson Audio “Alexia”) and it is showing at the Venetian Room 35-110.  If you are at CES, please drop by to see us play our Demo XVII songs with them.

Contact us to schedule an audition at a location near you.

CES show report, a very exciting and newsy show

ces2014International CES in Las Vegas, NV

January 7 – 10, 2014

Mirage Penthouse Suite # D44

Venetian Hotel # 30-317


This year marked the 13th anniversary of our participation at CES.  A moment of truth came to me about what “A Higher Note” means.  We also conducted the “Quietest Demo” in history to prove a point about Eclipse TD’s speakers to the press and that demo definitely made an lasting impression.  We unveiled Luxman’s new 900 series and Vivid’s Baby Giya, the G4’s.  Mola-Mola’s showed its prototype DAC and the press had fun fidling with it.  We also announced our new relationship with Einstein Audio as their exclusive distributor for North America.  Details of our show report and the above are here.