Eclipse TD

ECLIPSETD2Eclipse TD is dedicated to reproducing sound that is accurate and faithful to the original input. The term Hi-Fi is short for high fidelity and fidelity means faithfulness. Eclipse TD utilizes their unique Time Domain technologies to create the most accurate sound possible.

The sleek egg shape design is a culmination of brilliant engineering which eliminates diffraction waves. The diffusion stay mounting minimizes enclosure vibration; the drive-unit is held in a floating mechanism so that no residual vibration can be transferred from the unit to the enclosure. The custom full range driver optimizes performance from the cone and in addition it is supported by a highly flexible surround and damping system in a magnetic circuit to provide exact piston movement. Moreover, speaker models come with an ‘all-point’ contact design unique mounting structure which eliminates undesirable vibrations, ensures tighter lower frequency performance and offers a wide range of flexibility in the installation to suit the individual listening environment!

Stereophile’s Robert Deutsch described the original Eclipse TD712z as, “an extraordinary speaker whose clarity, transparency, resolution, imaging, and timbral accuracy match or exceed those of just about every other speaker I’ve had in my system or heard at shows.”

Contact us for a music and audio consultant near you to take the Eclipse TD high fidelity challenge. Bring your favorite recordings and some sonically challenged ones, and let our consultants show you what you are missing all these years. For more information about Eclipse TD, visit our website.