Luxman has been delivering hand-crafted high-end audio products since 1925. Committed to recreate the emotion and passion in any musical performance, Luxman expertly delivers their promise. Never mind goose bumps, Luxman’s sound put shivers up your spine and tears to your eyes.
One of the top claims to fame for any Luxman system is their long-admired tonal balance. Most of us have some poorly executed recordings in our collection. Without tone controls, some of these musical gems can be unlistenable. From Lady Gaga to Mahler, there are plenty of examples out there, where just a slight decrease in treble and a slight boost in bass turns an unlistenable piece to eminently enjoyable piece of music.

Contact us for a music and audio consultant near you to take the Luxman Tone Control challenge. Bring your favorite recordings and some sonically challenged ones, and let our consultants show you what you are missing all these years. For more information about Luxman, visit our website.