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We think we are the luckiest people on earth as we are able to constantly audition new equipment and music and call that work! While we do the measurements and technical research, the excitement factor is the first thing that has to pass our muster in order for us to consider importing a product. We are continually on the lookout for interesting new music.

Here’s our bar for excitement: Two responsible adults cannot help it but cut their sleeping time short as they return to old musical treasures with their new audio equipment. They simply cannot retire to bed as they stay up for just one more CD or LP… Those who have auditioned products with us know exactly what we are talking about here.

Every music lover enjoys sharing his or her latest finds. Tell us about your musical auditioning adventures, be it live or recorded. Let us and others share your excitement below.

Here are various testimonials from clients sharing their passionate experiences with respect to music seminars and/or components.

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