Vivid Audio stands in the forefront of cutting edge technology applied to the science of loudspeaker systems. Recipient of multiple awards for their speaker technology, including the 2012 Stereophile Speaker of the Year Award for their K-1 series, Vivid Audio is the fusion of exceptional engineering detail and acoustic design sophistication.

Lawrence Dickie, Vivid’s designer, made a name for himself as the inventor of the B&W Matrix and designer of their flagship Nautilus™ as well as the Turbosound Polyhorn™ and Dendritic™ horn systems for professional loudspeakers. The central tenet to Dickie’s speaker design philosophy it is to strive for freedom from resonance and reflection.

Resonances are the product of either structural or acoustic systems where stored energy can oscillate. Reflection is caused by sharp changes in the path taken by the sound. Very often the distinction between the two effects is blurred but the result is an irregular frequency response and smearing of the sound.

Vivid Audio’s speakers allows your music to sing without the cabinet humming along. This lack of cabinet coloration is greatly appreciated by most electrostatic or panel loudspeaker owners.

Vivid’s exceptional cabinet designs is an exercise in form follows function. Vivid’s drivers are mechanically decoupled from the cabinets, allowing the ruthlessly transparent sound to travel in remarkable speed and precision. These drivers are handcrafted in-house, meeting Lawrence Dickie’s exacting specifications.

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